15 Minute Pre-workout Yoga Video

15 Minute Pre-workout Yoga Video

Yogis, runners, cyclists, cross fitters, walkers, swimmers, pole dancers, hip hop dancers, rock climbers, and everything else in between – this video is for you!


Whoa that was a serious mouthful of activities, but I had to make a point.


Did you get the point?


The point being that everyone, regardless of your preferred activity, can benefit from a quick stretch session.


Don’t you agree?


I already know what’s running through your head….


There’s no chance I’m adding another to-do to my already time consuming workout, so please, save the extra 15 minute video for someone who’s got endless amounts of time on their hands.


And I get it.


Life is full of lists, to-dos, social gatherings, personal self-care, personal desires, partners, children, and blahhhhhh.


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But just because we’re busy ass people with a full plate of responsibilities, it doesn’t mean we should lose ourselves and our self-maintenance in the process. It’s crucial that above all else, you take care of you. The moment we let ourselves take the backseat, is the moment we stop putting our best foot forwards, we stop inspiring others by our actions, and we stop leading from a place of integrity.


Now with all of that woo woo stuff being said, please know that I don’t do this religiously, I’m never stuck on a strict workout regimen, and I don’t beat myself up over missing a day or not doing an entire hour of anything.


Instead, I do what I can, when I can.


Simple as that.


Are you feeling better about this 15 minute routine yet?


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I promise it will feel good, it will help your overall health, it will create more mobility in your activity, and it will prevent injuries whether they be induced by activity or lack of activity.


Take my word for it, go stretch your beautiful self, the world will be here after this 15 Minute Pre-Workout Yoga Video.


Please tell me, did you enjoy the 15 minute stretch sesh?


Is your body feeling more open, more connected, and more in tune with your busy life and endless to-dos? Or at least more flexible and ready to work, work, work?


Either way – save this routine, use it when you can, definitely use it when you need to, and maybe share it with a friend.


Until next time – xoxo.