I have a confession….


I’m a terrible sleeper.


I know I’m supposed to be all yogi like and do a bedtime yoga routine, drink sleepy time tea, read an interesting novel, and all that other yogi ish…. BUT I DON’T. And to add to my lack of yogi like bedtime ways, I’m also a straight up bad sleeper.


Let me explain…


My bedtime routine goes something like this –


  • Work on computer or scroll through phone till my eyes are bleeding.
  • Do the mandatory ish before bed – brush teeth and wash face, nothing additional (because why make time for that).
  • Lay down, toss and turn, annoy my husband, and toss some more.
  • Get up to pee, at least once, but usually twice.
  • Become distracted by a weird, scary, is someone breaking in the house type noise.
  • Chug water.
  • Pee again.
  • Toss and turn.
  • Finally fall asleep.


And the result of all this madness is…..


A tiring, devoid of sacred rituals, zero positive habits morning.


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Is anyone else with me on this bad habits, terrible sleeper, not enjoyable morning train? And if you’re one of those, I fall asleep in the ¬†blink of an eye, never budge, wake up refreshed as hell people, well good for you. You’re still invited to partake in this bedtime yoga routine, but I’m jealous, like real jealous.


To be clear on why we’re here, why I’m making this bedtime yoga video, and why I think it’s necessary…. let me state my intentions (feel free to skip all my nonsense and get started, no hard feelings).


I LONG to be a morning person.


I desperately desire a morning filled with meditation, breath work, reading novels, journaling, blogging, and yogaing. And the only way to start on this positive mind, positive vibes path is to…




That’s my intention, period.


Quality bedtime habits lead to quality sleep, which leads to a quality morning, which leads to a better quality of life.


If you’re digging that whole this equals that, which will lead to this equation, then join me in bed and let’s move it out so we can snooze it out.


20 Minute Bedtime Yoga Video - Pin now, experience the ultimate sleep later!

20 Minute Bedtime Yoga Video – Pin now, experience the ultimate sleep later!

I won’t keep you long.


Enjoy your bed. Enjoy your relaxed state of body, mind, and soul. Enjoy a deeper sleep. And enjoy a more positive, energetic morning.


Sweet Dreams Yogi Bear.


Until next time, xoxo.


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