September is officially National Yoga Month.

Who knew?

I had no idea this month even existed. Like hello, paging Allie, there’s an entire month dedicated to your passion.

Since it is September and I have this platform to share inspiring yoga ish, I want to spread the yoga love.

I brainstormed for a few days on how to celebrate this month and what yoga means to me…. and this might sound superficial to say this, but yoga to me is a community, and a lot of this community lives and thrives on social media for me.

12 Yogis to Follow on Instagram - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, get inspired later!

Gasp – I’m admitting that social media is an influential platform and a place where I draw support, love, and inspiration.

I know, I know.. social media can be so many negatives, I won’t even get into them, but it can also be so many positives. If treated correctly, social media can connect us to people who live across the country, it can teach us loads of information, it can inspire us to move past our fears, and it can provide a community of love and support.

To celebrate my love for social media and yoga, I want to showcase my fav yogis on Instagram.

I truly love what these yogis are doing, the content they are sharing, and the messages they are conveying.

From my yoga inspirations to yours….

Rachel Brathen – @yogagirl

Rachel is basically the founder of social media yoga love. Not too long ago, the Swedish beauty began sharing her life in Aruba + her daily yoga practice + her message of love and freedom. It didn’t take long before her bikini clad photos and inspirational messages caught on…

and by caught on I mean… @yogagirl spread like wildfire and the fire is still burning strong!

Rachel travels internationally teaching yoga retreats, yoga workshops, and just released a new book. Check her out yogis, you’ll love her.

She believed she could……………… So she did. #rsgrey #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #grateful

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Kathryn Budig – @kathrynbudig

Kathryn Budig is an all-time favorite in the yoga community.

She’s an athletic badass who graces the cover of Yoga Journal, is a YogaGlo teacher, has produced DVD’S, books, and much more. She’s a yoga figure whose knowledge and personality immediately draws people in.

Kathryn’s Instagram page is a no bullshit, no frills, this is my life, type of page. She lets her followers see her true self, regardless of whether the photo is perfect or not. Kathryn’s mantra – #aimtrue – is exactly what yogis need to see, hear, and do. She’s a great example of someone who’s trained hard, dedicated herself to the practice, and has stayed true to herself throughout the entire process.

Love, love, love this badass yogini!

Briohny & Dice Iida-Klein – @bryceyoga

These two – they are a power yogi couple that symbolize a beautiful partnership of love and trust.

Briohny & Dice became well-known after their famous Equinox video, its intoxicating to say the least…

The two are world traveling yoga teachers who share their passion through yoga teacher trainings, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, and in their hometown of Los Angeles. Briohny & Dice let their followers catch a glimpse into their busy lifestyle and how they balance parenthood, partnership, and their passion for yoga!

Shawn Rae – @shawnraeyoga

Shawn is a what I call – my yogi soul sister.

We went to college together, have worked together, discovered yoga together, became yoga teachers around the same time, and share a special connection between one another. We are both born and raised Florida girls with a passion for salt, sand, and sunshine. And this is easily seen in Shawn’s many beach clad bikini pics!

Regardless of our personal connection, Shawn is a yogini badass who completely showcases the raw beauty behind movement, she preaches #movethewayyouwantto and #womenpoetry in her posts & encourages people to let their truth shine through. As a friend and as a yogi, she inspires me to move, breathe, and be authentic.

Check her out yogis, you won’t be disappointed!

Candace – @yogabycandace

Candace is a multitude of great things – international yoga teacher, yoga blogger, YouTube partner, workout inspiration, and all around inspiring woman.

As a fellow yoga blogger, I follow Candace closely and love what she’s doing! Her blog is a destination of yoga information + so much more! I find myself checking her new posts every week, if not more. On her Insta page, Candace gives readers a behind the scenes look into her personal life, the world of blogging, teaching yoga, and much more.

I highly recommend following her for a dose of inspiration!

Thuy Dockendorf – @mangotwee

Thuy is one of those yoginis that you instantly want to follow and want more of. Her photos, words, and creative sparks are always inspirational and intriguing.

And the best part is… she’s a regular person. Just like you and me. Thuy is a wife, a mom, a creative soul, and a movement junkie. Follow her, watch a few of her videos, appreciate her creative, artistic qualities, and then be inspired!

Kino MacGregor – @kinoyoga

Kino is a dedicated yoga practitioner who’s been living the yogic life for 15+ years.

She’s made numerous trips to India, teaches in her home base Miami, FL, leads yoga workshops & retreats around the world, and showcases what a dedicated practice will achieve.

Kino is well-known for her controversial itty bitty shorts, which I love, but is better known for her knowledge, beautiful practice, and gorgeous smile. You can follow her international travels on her Insta page + participate in her monthly yoga challenges. Check her out here!

A photo posted by Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) on

 Stephanie – @freedivegirl

This girl – her words are like music to my ears and her movements are as authentic as ever.

It’s hard to not follow her!

I discovered Stephanie a few months ago and am a huge fan of the message she conveys. It’s almost as if everything she writes/ posts is exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.  Her practice + her posts = daily yoga & life inspiration. Check her out yogis!

Meghan Currie – @meghancurrieyoga

Meghan is THE movement junkie.

Once you scroll through her feed, you’ll notice most of it consists of short video clips from her personal practice. And the videos are mesmerizing. It’s apparent that she’s completely in tune with her body, mind, and soul.

Meghan is an international traveling yoga girl. She leads retreats, workshops, yoga teacher trainings, and has loads of classes on The Cody App.

Britta Jade – @btruyoga

Britta or Brittany is basically an underwater mermaid. A quick scroll through her Insta feed and you’ll quickly understand why.

In addition to gracefully posing underwater, Britta is well versed in the yoga practice, crystals, and Reiki. She’s an all around spiritual guru who shares her personal life, personal practice, and her love for yoga. Check her out!

Laura – @laurasykora

Laura is a New Jersey native who began her Instagram journey for the sole purpose of documenting her progress. Fast forward three years later, she is now a major online influencer and a yoga role model.

You will notice that Laura’s posts are incredibly intricate and advanced but her message is always the same – do the work and the poses will come later. She’s a big proponent of consistent asana practice and believing in yourself!

In the few years that she’s been showcasing her practice, Laura’s been able to quit her job and now teaches yoga full-time in her home state and internationally. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone use social media as a tool to expand their living and achieve their dreams.

And she posts adorable pictures with her family… she’s a must follow!

 Amelia Kathryn – @ameliakyoga

Last on the list, but most definitely not lease is Amelia.

This strong woman is a beautiful soul who’s let the entire world into her life – each step, each turn, each moment. I won’t get into the details of her personal life but you can read through her past and current posts to get an idea of how strong she is – it’s monumental and incredible!

On top of being a strong, beautiful yoga teacher and person, she’s also the creator behind Prana Vida – a yoga clothing company. If you’re looking for a soulful, inspiring, and strong person to follow – Amelia is definitely your girl!

Are you feeling inspired yogis?

I hope these people are a testament to how hard work, dedication, and passion can result in success and achievement. Follow along on their journeys and you’ll soon realize why they are my yoga inspirations.

I know MANY inspiring yoga peeps were left off the list BUT I couldn’t make this a novel or one of those 100 something people lists. I’m not Buzzfeed, sorry. So in lieu of that, please shout out who inspires you and why!

Drop a line down below – questions, comments, suggestions, or general yoga love. Until next time – xoxo.


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