Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack – 
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The holidays are fast approaching….

Which means people are making a list, checking it twice, and then you know the rest.

But what if you have a yogi on your list and zero clue as to what they want/need.

I know we can be a weird bunch with our organic must-haves, yoga props galore, and symbolic jewelry adornments. And that’s why I’m here, to help you navigate the world of yoga gift giving PLUS offer a GIVEAWAY.


Yoga Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway - Pin now, read later!

Pin now, enter to win, read later!

This holiday season, I’ve teamed up with 9 badass brands to create an epic Yoga Holiday Gift Guide. The items below are the perfect gift for the yogi/yogini in your life, for someone who loves handmade products, for the person who supports local businesses, and most importantly – to gift yourself.

Because let’s be real, we all deserve some TLC from time to time.

Each item has been hand selected and tested by yours truly. I’m a firm believer in supporting and promoting small businesses, because that’s exactly what The Journey Junkie is. These brands/people are genuine souls who radiate purpose, professionalism, and passion.

So without further ado, below are the 9 must-haves for yogis this holiday season, PLUS one lucky babe will win the ultimate gift – every single damn one of them (simply comment down below & enter to win)!

1. Yoga Brights- Yoga Towel – $24.97

A yoga accessory must-have for every yogi that likes to sweat. Regardless if you’re a hot yoga goer, this towel is a great tool to help prevent slippage, provide extra support, or act as a substitute mat while traveling.

2. My Bohemia Jewelry –  Mala Beads – $98.00

Mala beads are incredibly symbolic in the yoga community and are much more than a simple necklace.

These babies are highly coveted for their powerful prayer like qualities. People all over the world use mala beads to help deepen their mediation practice, to perform ritual prayers and traditions, to repeat a mantra, or to wear.

If you’re completely in the dark about these beautiful necklaces, please read my articles here and here.

3. Yuni Beauty – My Beauty Faves – $55.00

This brand makes for an amazing, pamper-yourself type gift. The products are eco-friendly, made from high quality ingredients, smell delicious, and are just plain good.

Plus, the brand is made by yoga teachers so you know it’s made with the yogi in the mind.

4. One Tribe Apparel – Harem Pants – $34.00

These pants are a necessary item for everyone to own – yogi or no yogi. They’re the most comfortable pants on the planet, perfect for traveling, lounging, yogaing, outdooring…. you get the picture.

Plus, the creators are good friends of mine who inspire me to keep the this small business going and growing!

5. WayGood Tea – $16.95

Who doesn’t love a cup of steamy, wholesome, soothing tea for the soul?

Basically, no one.

This is another awesome small business owner who’s taking their ideas, throwing a ton of passion at it, and working hard to make it happen. And on top of that, their tea products are made with the yogi in mind which makes it a win-win for me.

6. Soulful Essence – Lavendar Lip Butter Kit – $38.00

Ummm…. so this is the cutest idea ever for the product loving, do-it-yourself, want to bond with your friends/family person.

The Lavendar Lip Butter Kit makes 4 lip balms, it’s organic, easy to clean up, and the ultimate craft activity. The only catch – these babies are a limited edition product, so grab them while you can!

p.s. – you must watch this adorable video too.. and if you weren’t sold already, now you will be!

7. Love Light Stones – Arrowhead Necklace – $38.00

I LOVE this yoga jewelry brand & can’t support it enough!

Love Light Stones was the first brand to support The Journey Junkie and continues to be a beautiful partner of mine.  All of the jewelry is hand-made with love, includes descriptions of the stones, and serves a greater purpose then simple jewelry.

Can’t say enough good things about the jewelry and the owner (so much love).

8. 3 Minute Egg – Namstegg Starter Kit – $59.00

First off, isn’t the name of this yoga prop company adorable? I can’t even take it.

This is an awesome gift for yogis of all levels. The kit includes two yoga eggs (blocks), a DVD, and a nifty backpack to carry the eggs in. If you don’t use yoga props in your practice, now’s your opportunity to start. And trust me yogis, props are the best compliment to any practice, especially blocks.

9. Twin Flame – Tank Top – $23.00

Twin Flame is a local apparel company that’s handmade and hand-drawn. Each design is specially crafted with the yogi in mind and they’re adorable, super soft,  and fun to wear.

There you have it yoga  holiday shoppers of the world!

Don’t forget – one lucky babe will win the entire gift guide, simply comment down below and then enter to win!

Let’s talk – What brands do you love for yogis? What items are on your list this holiday season?

As always – questions, comments, suggestions, general holiday love, leave it down below. Until next time – xoxo.


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