In keeping with our theme of how to use yoga props, here’s another great tool to incorporate into the yoga practice!


If you’re new to the journey, we’ve been slowly incorporating yoga props into our practice to help lengthen, deepen, stretch, and relax the body.


Doesn’t that sound delightful?


How to Use a Yoga Blanket Tutorial

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Next up on the prop list is – a yoga blanket or Mexican blanket or really any blanket will do.


You can easily purchase these so-called “yoga blankets” at gas stations, on your next trip to Mexico, or from my favorite trusty online retailer – Amazon.


You might be wondering why on earth a blanket is needed during yoga and no, it’s not for curling up to take a nap. Although, you’re more than welcome to do so!


Below are a few of the benefits a blanket can offer & how to add this prop into your personal practice:


  • Provides support and comfort in some not so comfortable postures.
  • Can help open the front side body when used as a heart opener.
  • Aids in postures where the body is not flexible or open enough – making it attainable for all.
  • Used a lot in prenatal classes to provide the ultimate state of comfort for the momma to be.


 1. To Support the Knees:


Yoga Tutorial: How to Use a Yoga Blanket

Yoga Tutorial: How to Use a Yoga Blanket



How to use:


  • Fold the blanket in half and then in half again, it should be about the size of your yoga mat.
  • Place the blanket under the knees for extra support and comfort.
  • Keep the blanket nearby during the practice so it can be easily used.
  • Poses to utilize the blanket for knee support:
    • Ustrasana – Camel Pose (as seen in the photo above)
    • Anything in tabletop pose – cat/cow, sunbird, plank pose with the knees down.


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2. Child’s Pose – Balasana


Yoga Tutorial: How to Use a Yoga Blanket



How to use:


  • Fold the blanket in half, using the long side of it – then roll it up nice and tight.
  • Snug the blanket into the knees and under the booty.
  • Sink the hips back over the heels and let the chest relax down to the ground.
  • This is great for people with tight hips!


3. Seated Postures


Yoga Tutorial: How to Use a Yoga Blanket



How to use:


  • Place the folded blanket underneath the booty and position yourself like the picture above – we want to be at the edge of the blanket.
  • Bring your legs into whatever posture is comfortable – sukasana (easy pose), lotus, cross-legged, whatever floats your boat!
  • The blanket’s purpose is to help tilt the pelvis forward which allows the back to lengthen. If seated postures aren’t practiced consistently, it can be quite tough to stay lengthened here.
  • Gently engage the core to support the low back, roll the shoulders onto the back, slightly tuck of the chin, and  gaze softly. And now you’re meditating!


4. Pigeon Pose – Kapotasana


Yoga Tutorial: How to Use a Yoga Blanket



How to use:


  • The blanket can be either folded or rolled up here. The deciding factor is how flexible the hips are. The higher the blanket is (the rolled version), the more support it will provide.
  • Bring the blanket underneath the thigh and booty as shown above in the photo. This will help bring the floor to you and allow for greater relaxation and opening into the hips.


There you have it yoga friends…


There’s SO many ways to incorporate a blanket into the practice. A quick search of Iyengar methods will reveal many more variations.



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