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Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge

the seven day journey to reset + reconnect 

What to Expect:

  • Seven full-length yoga videos that focus on a different part of the body
  • Yoga classes themed to strengthen + tone the body, inspire your mind, and fuel your soul
  • Each yoga video + daily inspiration delivered straight your inbox
  • A daily calendar + worksheet to motivate, inspire, and guide your yoga experience
  • Plus, a bonus class to soothe your sore muscles, stretch your body, and treat yourself


...... not sure what all the hype is about, preview the first class below 

Who is it For:

  • The yogi who wants to cultivate strength + tone their body
  • The busy yogi who only has thirty minutes to step on the mat 
  • The yogi needing to hit the reset button after too long off the mat
  • People who like a step-by-step, daily program to follow


Still Not Convinced....

Check out the yogis below & read why they love the Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge.

Just like the program description says, it's a great reset and connect program! I love that each day is focused on a different area of the body. I did my first bootcamp series in January and am now on my 5th round. I do it the first of every month as well and journal + track my progress! Each video truly works the body and I love that good, (sore) feeling of accomplishment after I complete the series.

- Mindy  

It helped me to gain confidence and strength, and after only seven days, not only did I tone, but I did something good for my complete body. I felt rejuvenated, full of love and positive vibrations every time the class finished. And the length of the videos is ideal to even get on the mat after a stressful working day.

- Kirsten

The Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge helped to ensure I did yoga every day. It was motivation to step on the mat and get moving. Having each day, plus yoga video sent to your inbox at 5 AM was perfect, not only in a timely manner but also perfect to start your day and give you motivation. 

- Samantha

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