Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
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Welcome to your Chakra Yoga Flow to Cleanse Your Throat Chakra.


The throat chakra, vishuddha, is the fifth energy center in the chakra system and it has a yang, masculine energy quality to it. This is your communication center, where language converges with intention and emotion to create self-expression. 


It’s here that you create your world through words, by speaking with clarity, confidence, and conviction, and by sharing your story and message, which in turn, creates resonance and connection (meaning people willingly want to support you). Now let’s look at throat chakra basics. 


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Throat Chakra Basics

  • Sanskrit – vishuddha 
  • Location – entire throat region (ears, nose, mouth, throat)
  • Element is sound
  • Color is blue
  • Bija mantra – HAM
  • Activity speaking
  • Self-expression
  • Creative Identity 
  • Demon is lies
  • Right to speak & be heard
  • Purpose – communication, resonance, expression 
  • Goals – clarity, clear communication, resonance, creativity, listening, purification, speaking and living your truth  


With this awareness, I want to share the throat chakra pillars that I find most valuable to work with here. The translation of vishuddha is purification and the element is sound, this combination teaches us that when we don’t use our voice – to share our message, story dreams, vision, values – we deaden our ability to communicate (think not speaking up, tensing your jaw, biting your tongue). Over time, this recurring experience can create an energetic block that keeps you from speaking and living your truth! More on this in the live training replay linked above, if you’re curious….


Another throat chakra pillar is listening, both listening actively to others and listening internally to what your energy system has to offer. You can speak to your subtle body, you can ask your throat chakra or any chakra for guidance, and you can listen within for higher wisdom. Trust me, I’ve done it, others have done it (it works), just maybe talk to your chakras in a trusted setting or privately.


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Let’s chat about your throat chakra yoga class that calls in authenticity, truth, honesty, expression, resonance, and clarity. This is a gentle yoga class that focuses on releasing tension throughout the neck region; think neck stretches, eagle arms, cat and cow pose, chest openers like puppy pose, sphinx pose, cobra pose, and throat chakra pranayama that leads into chanting and meditating. 


When you finish, it’s my intention that you feel freer.


Freer to express yourself, share your dreams and visions, share your story and message, speak and live your truth, and inhabit the belief that you are in fact a creative being.


Now please unroll your mat & come join me for this throat chakra practice. 


Allie, xx 


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