Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 



Welcome to your 30 Minute Gentle Yoga Class for Low Back Pain. 


Say hello to your slow down, get grounded and release tension gentle yoga class! In this restorative yoga flow, we’ll focus on nourishing your body, mind and soul through gentle movements to release low back pain and feel better, while also creating a sense of grounded and supported energy. 


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Today’s yoga class and theme are simple – I want you to walk away feeling nourished, restored and most importantly supported. 


Let’s talk about support (and yoga props). 


In the last restorative blog post, we chatted about how during a restorative yoga class we bring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) back to homeostasis by pumping the brakes on the sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight) and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and relax). 


For this yoga flow you’ll need a block and a bolster (a couple books and a pillow can work as well) to help facilitate finding that beautiful, centered feeling we get when we’re in a balanced, regulated state.  


How do yoga props create such magic? By being there to support you. 


As you move through today’s practice really lean into your props, let them do the work of holding you up. The props are there so you don’t have to do the work, and can instead focus on the sensations you’re feeling, while also relaxing and resting. 


When we practice yoga like this, letting the postures and props support us, it helps us create the capacity for more clarity, less reactivity, less judgement and ultimately, more awareness, which leads to us making choices that are in integrity with our values (enter feeling balanced). 


But first you gotta be willing to receive the support (step zero). 


Which is a life lesson that extends beyond the yoga mat, yeah? Extracting these on and off the yoga mat lessons is always my goal for this community! 


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Now before you go, let’s chat about the low back focus…


The majority of us carry stress and tension here, and low back discomfort is one of the number one concerns that sends people into the yoga world. This sort of constant, dull, really distracting kinda tension can hold us back from receiving support, releasing tension and feeling better in our backs & bodies. 


I know this because I’m in my own healing journey when it comes to low back and pelvic pain. 


Today’s 30 minute sequence contains postures such as supine twists, child’s pose and legs up the wall that are all designed to release that dull, achy, distracting tension (with the help of your props), so you can drop into feeling grounded and supported. I’ll also invite you to focus on the breath throughout the practice to remain present and ease mental indigestion. 


It’s simple, it’s sweet and I can’t wait to share this experience with you. 


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx


ps. Leave a comment on the YouTube video saying “I AM SUPPORTED” so I know you’re part of this amazing yoga community and that this message is resonating with you!



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