Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


Click below to join the family and unlock
my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




Welcome to your 30 Minute Gentle Yoga Class for Healing and Positivity. 


Slow down, unroll your yoga mat and join me for a gentle yoga sequence designed to allow healing to continue to happen! It’s the perfect evening or bedtime yoga practice, with grounding seated postures and meditation where we will silently chant. This yoga class is dedicated to helping you heal, so you can step off your mat feeling calm, confident and positive, with more capacity to face life’s adversities.


Try this and see how it makes you feel:


Close your eyes, take three deep belly breaths, then silently repeat “I AM HEALING.”


And now notice, how do you feel? What’s shifted for you?


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It is only when I allow silence and stillness to be part of my experience that I can slow down enough to gain clarity (an important theme for me). 


Practices like these create a compound bow effect. The retreat inward allows us to rise into our potential and personal power, it calms the nervous system and brings us into a state of regulation where we can arrive at conclusions, answer difficult questions and open up to new ideas, experiences and dreams. 


Stillness matters, it’s why it’s part of the eight-limbed path, a central part of the yoga journey. 


Now I gotta tell ya, I love the way yoga makes me feel, but what I love even more is how the practice empowers me to be a better damn human. And as your yoga teacher, that’s my main objective with these weekly yoga videos and convos!


To help you use this beautiful practice as a tool.


Not a tool to tone your muscles, but a tool to show up bravely, be vulnerable, live out your values and contribute something that matters to the world.


This is how we use yoga to heal.


Related: After completing this class in the evening, start the next day with this self love meditation to keep the healing going!


Your class today contains two moments of silence where I’ll ask you to (silently) chant “I AM HEALING,” and I include how to use a blanket roll to make yourself more comfortable. It is my hope that you’ll embrace stillness here, to let your innermost self find peace and stability, support and love. 


If you’re practicing yoga, then by nature you’re on this healing journey, and the more you grow your yoga toolkit, the more you’ll see your healing on and off the mat. 


I want you to come back to this class when you’re combating anxiety and angst, or needing a reminder that you are on a journey. 


Because there’s no end destination — we’re always being called to heal again, again, and again


When you complete your practice comment with I AM HEALING on the YouTube video to let your community know we’re in this together. 


All my love, 


Allie, xx



Live Your Journey Retreats

Like a badass vacation, except better. 

Live Your Journey retreats create body-mind-soul transformation by combining incredible venues with a well-designed curriculum, potent yoga practices, nourishing food, adventure, rest and relaxation, and forever made friendships.

We plan every detail. All you gotta do is say yes to a life-changing experience.


Join me in Costa Rica for a journey to manifestation using the chakra system to bring our dreams from consciousness down to the earth plane. When we’re not practicing yoga, we’ll be relaxing at the jungle oasis retreat center or experiencing the country through enriching (and adventurous) excursions! 


Join me on a journey to wholeness in the beautiful, rustic, and beachside region of Sicily, Italy. We’ll spend 7 transformative days learning, mapping, and embodying our unique energy system, while also experiencing the historical sites, beaches, and Italian way!

BALI RETREAT • October 17 - 24

Join me in the spiritual land of Ubud, Bali for 7 transformative days where you’ll be learning and embodying the chakra system through 2x daily yoga classes, while also experiencing the local culture via meaningful off-site excursions! And yes, there will be lots of poolside relaxing too!

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