Welcome to your yoga class to build strength for two arm balance postures that are both challenging and empowering, say hello to bakasana (crow pose) and eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon pose).


And also, welcome to your permission slip to fly high in your life off the yoga mat too.


Today’s yoga class was built upon four layers of inspiration.


First, the teachings of Jason Crandell, a yoga teacher who I look up to, practice with regularly, and hope to train under in the future.


Second, I taught this arm balance class at the Live Your Journey Retreat and witnessed the people present give themselves permission: permission to both lean into their strength and to also fall on their face (to succeed, we must always fail babe).


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Third, I know firsthand how powerful it is to lift your feet off the ground and spill your weight into your body’s strength. It’s equal parts exhilarating and scary, reminding us that we can do hard things.


And that these hard things can not only be exercised on the yoga mat, but also in our daily lives.


Lastly, this class was inspired by a recent decision to give myself permission.


Permission to take chances.


Permission to solo travel and leave my husband (I know that might not seem difficult for some, but he’s been my sidekick for a decade).


Permission to pivot and try something different.


Permission to align from within, and not through comparison.


Permission to feel conviction in my decisions.


Permission to change deep beliefs that entangle me.


Permission to transform my pain into my power.


Permission to know that my SOUL IS IN CHARGE.


And because I know that physical movement is the easiest and quickest way to embody the permission we need, I chose to share this arm balance yoga practice with you.


Will you give yourself permission to join me?


Now for my interested yoga students and yoga teachers, below is a breakdown of today’s sequence. It was designed with your body in mind, targeting all the right places and spaces so that when it comes time to fly, your physical being is primed.


For both arm balances, we will target similar areas of the body.


  • upper back flexion
  • upper body strength
  • core engagement and strength
  • hip mobility
  • inner thigh engagement
  • hamstring strength


Here’s how this translates into your yoga sequence.


Warm-up Postures:


  • ardha apanasana
  • supine twist
  • half happy baby
  • reclined figure four
  • reclined flying pigeon pose core work
  • repeat on the other side
  • floor core work


Sun Salutations:


  • step back to plank
  • knee to tricep
  • lizard pose
  • step back to plank
  • final round – hold lizard pose


Standing Sequence:


  • three-legged downward facing dog
  • crescent pose with eagle arms
  • standing figure four
  • vinyasa
  • repeat on other side
  • malasana pause to visualize flying high
  • arm balance breakdown + recess


Closing Sequence:


  • reclined figure four + supine twist
  • supra buddha konasana savasana


For my yoga teacher friends, feel free to use this sequence in your own practice and teachings, as parts were passed down to me, and it continues the cycle of sharing and teaching.


Now with all of this information, I believe it’s time to unroll your yoga mat and begin to build strength for your arm balance yoga practice!


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.


Arm Balance Yoga Class: Build up to Crow Pose & Flying Pigeon

Arm Balance Yoga Class: Build up to Crow Pose & Flying Pigeon

Arm Balance Yoga Class: Build up to Crow Pose & Flying Pigeon

Arm Balance Yoga Class: Build up to Crow Pose & Flying Pigeon


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