Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack – 
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Welcome to your core yoga class to ignite your solar plexus. Today’s practice will be fiery, it will be challenging, and it will awaken your solar plexus. But first, I’ve got to clear the air.


Tell me if thoughts like these sound familiar: my stomach will never be as flat as hers, if only my stomach looked better in this dress, when I lose a few more pounds, I’ll feel better about myself, I’ll barely eat for the next week, then my stomach will look good, a six pack, what does that even mean?


Ladies, are we speaking the same language here?


Until a handful of years ago, aka when I dove head first into the yoga practice, I was never satisfied with my “core”. It was a constant source of discontentment, negativity, and comparison.


But now, I love my belly, I love my core, and I’m obsessed with what it stands for.


So what changed?


Well, a few things.


First, I stopped making a certain number on the scale or a certain look in the mirror be my reason for movement. Instead, I began to move my body for the pure enjoyment of movement, because it felt good to feel my heart beat, because the sweat trickling down my body symbolized what no longer served me, and because I felt connected to the girl who resided inside (not the girl who stared back at me in the mirror).


Second, I learned in my yoga teacher training that traditional yogis view a soft belly as a good thing. Hah, this was the best news ever. Screw the insanely thin stomach I was chasing, I could now just be me.


And lastly, I learned about my solar plexus chakra, the one located right at your core center. For today’s sake, this is where our focus lies and this is what we’re diving into.


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Your solar plexus, aka your manipura chakra, is your third energetic center that lies within. It’s located at your abdomen and it’s responsible for creating energy, strength, and willpower. It’s a powerful place, so it’s no wonder that the related element is fire, and words like ignite, heat, warrior, and strength describe it.


And when I glance back at my relationship with the yoga practice and what has unfolded for me (becoming a teacher, creating an online yoga community), I can clearly see how my manipura chakra supported and moved me towards this journey.


Each time I stepped on the mat I felt my power being ignited through learning new postures, transitioning from one movement to another, challenging my perceived abilities and surprising myself with what I was capable of, and dedicating myself to a practice that felt bigger than me.


I knew that my mat was a sacred space and I knew that transformation was happening, but hot damn, I had no idea that walking into that yoga first studio would be an invitation to change my entire life…… and I couldn’t have done it without the fiery strength and willpower of my solar plexus.


So how does this help you?


Here’s how.


The next time you’re on the mat with me or another teacher and you feel doubt creeping in – I can’t do that pose, is she out of her mind – lean into that uncertainty and believe in yourself. The next time an unplanned opportunity for growth arises, lean in, you got this, it’s your time to shine. The next time you don’t feel like doing whatever “your work” is, remember that it’s the small steps that lead to great change, take one more step forward.


If it wasn’t for my fiery space that resides inside, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be leading an online yoga community of over 50,000 people, I wouldn’t be a female entrepreneur who quit her corporate job, and I definitely wouldn’t have left it all to sail the world.


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So if you’re feeling stuck, lost in the wilderness, and unsure how to move forward (regardless of the situation), come step on the mat with me, fan your flames with energy, and ignite your power to discover your purpose.


….. and sometimes, the simple act of stepping on your mat is your purpose.


Ready to get sweaty and fire up your core with me? Let’s do this!


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.


p.s. – If you’re drooling over the dreamy location we filmed in (which how could you not), we filmed at Sugar Ridge Resort located in Antigua! This spot is The Shed, a stunning place to practice yoga, drink in the Caribbean sea, and connect to your body while on vacation. If you’re looking for a place to soak up the soon, you can find out more about Sugar Ridge Resort here.





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