Ever feeling like you’re having one of those days? You know, the kind where the world is kinda-sorta-caving-in and you feel like there’s an elephant sitting directly on your chest. 


I know these days all too well, because admittedly, I’m an anxious person. Heck, my girlfriend even nicknamed me a squirrel, my brain chatter never stops and I feel the constant pressure to be doing, doing, doing.


And even if you’re not a squirrel like me, I know we all have these days, because the reality is: we are soul beings having a human experience. 


This is what led me to create today’s yoga class. 


Welcome to your gentle yoga class that’s dedicated to reducing anxiety and easing away from stress, so you can reconnect to what matters most: YOUR SOUL. 


And the best part babe, the entire yoga class is on the floor, how amazing is that.


A few other notes on today’s practice, because I wan’t this yoga class to be your go-to in times of need. 


If your anxiety peaks before bedtime (welcome to the club), unroll your mat, this practice can definitely serve as a bedtime yoga ritual/routine.


If you’re cultivating a meditation practice and your mind chatter is wreaking havoc on your experience, unroll your mat, this is a beautiful precursor before you sit down, close your eyes, and draw inward. 


If you’re feeling scattered, all over the place, and like you just can’t focus for anything, unroll your mat babe, this practice will bring you back to your inner axis, redefine your center, and reconnect you to your core (hello alignment, it’s so nice to see you). 


If you’re feeling temperamental, short fused, angry, and like you might punch someone in the face, definitely unroll your mat, this practice will distance you from the angry demons, while bringing you closer to clarity and reason.


Lastly, I want to offer you the yoga pose sequence so if you’re a yoga teacher who wants to share it with their students or a practitioner who wants to flow on their own, you have the tools available to you: 


Gentle Yoga Class Sequence: 


  • pelvic rocks 
  • knee circles 
  • bridge waves 
  • core exercise with scissored legs 
  • supine figure four 
  • supta gomukasana (cow face pose)
  • plow pose 
  • happy baby
  • apansana 
  • supine twist 
  • diaphragmatic breathing 
  • savasana 


Okay, I believe we have covered it all. 


The intention behind today’s gentle yoga class, how this class can support you in a multitude of ways, and the breakdown of the practice, which means there’s only one thing left to do……


Unroll your mat friend, it’s time to practice some yoga together.


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.

Gentle Yoga Class: 30 Minute Floor Practice for Anxiety & Stress - Pin now, unroll your mat now, de-stress now!



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