Ladies leave your fears at home, the yoga room is full of blocks and they’re going to support and strengthen you.


Okay, was my Destiny’s Child attempt too much? And men who are here, please know that you’re also included too.


But realllll talk, today’s yoga practice is all about your yoga blocks. How to lean on them. How to use them as support. How to tap into them for strength. How to soften all over them for mega relaxation.


You can expect a vigorous vinyasa yoga practice with the added benefit of your yoga blocks being right by your side.


And if you’re thinking – huh, I own zero blocks, no worries. You can still do this practice sans yoga blocks, but for the love of your yoga practice, invest in some soon, deal?


Now before you go unrolling your mat, I need to tell a story.


And to be transparent, I’ve told this story before, but it’s worth repeating it.


When I first began my yoga journey, I joined a hot as hell yoga studio that only offered heated classes. We practiced hot power yoga, hot power yoga, and some more hot power yoga. The room was always jam packed and it was a competitive ish kinda studio. It was clear that these people were serious about their yoga…..


So serious that I retreated to the back of the yoga studio, in hopes that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself, and that my frequent visits to child’s pose would go unnoticed.


…… little did I know that no one gave two shits how good my yoga practice looked, they were too focused on their own practice.


Grab Your Yoga Blocks: Vinyasa Yoga Practice for Strength and Support

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Now here’s where the blocks come in.


Along the back wall there were maybe ten – twelve blocks, maybe. They laid on the ground, without explanation of what they do or why they existed, and were never offered to us as support. They essentially sat there and collected dust.


This no-block-talk led me to my own assumptions, with thoughts like: blocks are for beginners, blocks are for people who are not in shape, blocks are for people who can’t take the heat, blocks are for the weak yogis.


Yes, I thought those thoughts. 


So you could say, yoga blocks and I had a rough start, yeah.


Two years later and handfuls of studios later, I finally learned how incredibly badass a yoga  block is. I landed in a studio that had a beautifully constructed prop station housing all sorts of yoga props – blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, sandbags, wheels, eye pillows, foam rollers – sigh, I miss that yoga studio.


I was graced with yoga teachers who promoted + motivated us to grab whatever props we needed or wanted at the beginning of each practice.


I was blessed to have teachers who used props in all types of  yoga classes, showing me how powerful they can be, the kind of support they can offer, and how ridiculously skewed my original opinion of props (and people) was.


Fast forward to now, six years into my yoga journey, I am deeply grateful for the part that props play in my practice. They’ve helped me learn postures like forearm balance, create space for the splits, sooth discomfort from sciatica flare ups, and lull me into deep states of relaxation where stress and anxiety melted away.


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And now, I want to share that yoga prop magic with you!


For today’s practice, I highly recommend grabbing two blocks and keeping them close by as we’ll be using them throughout the entire yoga practice. Here’s what you can expect.


We’ll begin in one of my favorite restorative yoga postures, hello supported fish pose, move through gentle warmups like downward dog and low-lunge, turn up the heat with standing + balancing postures, bring it back down to the ground and say hello to our core, take a moment to soften our heart space, and end in the sweetest savasana.


…… you guessed it, we’ll seal the deal in supta baddha konasana.


If this sounds like you’re kinda block party, then unroll your yoga mat, and let’s begin!


I’ll meet you there, xoxo


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Grab Your Yoga Blocks: Vinyasa Yoga Practice for Strength and Support - Pin Now, Get on Your Yoga Mat Now!



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