Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


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my free morning yoga class pack –
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Welcome to your thirty minute gentle yoga flow that encourages you to twist towards your best self.


And now what the hell does that fluffy language mean? Well first, this is a gentle hatha yoga practice that covers all the bases, so in thirty minutes, you will not only have moved your body, but also come closer to who your BEST SELF is.


Let me explain this best self concept, and then we’ll dive into the yoga practice, 


Oh babe, where to even begin here.


Let’s start with a visualization practice that I learned from Tara Mohr, the author of Playing Big.


She teaches women to play big by tuning into their inner mentor, and believes that we don’t need any more gurus, teachers, or guides. Instead, we can be that person in our own lives.


How refreshing is that….. sigh.


In her book, she takes you on a journey from your current place and guides you to outer space (literally). Here in space, you hop on a beam of light that transports you to your wiser, older self….. let’s say some 20 – 40 years older than you. Once you choose to hop beams, you travel back to earth and embody the older you. 


I know, this is getting weird, stick with me babe.


Here, in the older version of you’s home, she asks you to soak everythingggg in.


What is this woman wearing? What does her home look like? What type of decorations are there? What’s in her kitchen? What type of food does she eat? What work has she done and is doing? What is her state of being? What words of wisdom does she share? What lessons does she teach?


You can stay here, in the older version of yourself’s home for as long as you’d like.


It’s here that you can tune into who your best self could be…….


It’s here that you can ask your older, wiser self questions about your being?


It’s here that you can settle into the woman you want be.


When you’re ready, hop back on the light beam, travel to outer space, return back to your present light beam, and come back to your present day reality.


Welcome back love, you made it.


Now what did you learn from that experience?


Here’s a sneak peak into what the older version of Allie looked like, felt like, and acted like.


The older version of Allie lives near the sea, but also high up in the mountains. She wears loose and beautiful clothing that allows her body to breathe and be. Her home is exquisitely decorated with many sacred spaces. Her library is overflowing with wisdom. Her kitchen is full of nutrients and nourishment. Plants are breathing vitality into the air. Her husband (hello Myers) is still by her side. Her children are growing and spreading their wings.


Her body is healthy and strong. Her mind is at ease. Her daily routine is a source of freedom. Her relationships are the lifeline to her being. Her work brings her immense joy, fulfillment, and challenge. She is a radiating goddess, embodying her BEST SELF with every movement, word, and breath.


Ughhhhh. This visualization gives me the CHILLS and all the feels.


To be transparent, my first thoughts are, who the HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE to think that all of that can manifest? Do you truly believe life can be that easy breezy? Don’t you know people are grinding away at this thing called life? Don’t you know people are suffering and hustling?


Yes, I do know that. And yes, I still deserve to be my best self anyway. 


So now the question is, are you willing to be your BEST SELF too?


Are you willing to travel to outer space and beyond? 


Are you willing to get comfortable with the discomfort of who your truest self wants you to be?


Are you willing to change the familiar, become unfamiliar, so you can return home to your truest nature?


I don’t expect you to answer these questions with certainty, because hello being a human, sometimes we’re not ready to go all in. But I do expect you to humor me, at the very least , and wonder without judgement what your best self and best life could be…..


Just wonder for a moment with me.


And with this sense of wonderment, bring your awareness to today’s yoga practice.


Today’s class is a thirty minute (ish) gentle yoga flow that encourages you to twist towards your best self. We will start seated, journey through some floor work, twist through low-lunge sun salutations, twist into our hips, shoulders, and upper back, and end in a short meditation.


At the end of the practice, I encourage you to open your journal or grab a pad of paper and answer some of the questions I asked here today. At the very least, just answer one. Give yourself permission to dream about the woman (or man) you want to be. Give yourself permission to get lost in the visualization of how you want your life to be. Give yourself permission to feel your way back to reality…… reality being living your journey! 


And now that we’ve had a therapy session, shall we begin our yoga practice together.


Unroll your mat babe, let’s twist towards our best selves, today! 


Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self Hatha Yoga Flow: Twist Towards Your Best Self



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