Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


Click below to join the family and unlock 
my free morning yoga class pack – 
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




Welcome to your heart chakra manifestation yoga class that seeks to create space using your breath AND welcome to the fourth class in the Manifest Your Journey series.


Whoa, that sentence was a mouthful, and so is the next paragraph.


This is the final *FREE* class in the Manifest Your Journey series, the second half of the chakra manifestation system is waiting for you inside the Body Mind Soul Studio – thebodymindsoulstudio.com. The second half includes four yoga classes, a second workbook, a chakra manifestation masterclass, weekly love letters, monthly product giveaways, a yoga calendar, andddd the most loving, badass private community you could ask for. If you wish to continue this journey, come join me and #thejjcommunity, we are waiting to welcome you!


Okay, announcements are complete, let’s keep manifesting. Shall we?


We have arrived at the heart chakra, anahata, which is located at your heart space (obvi). But it also includes your entire chest cavity (the heart, lungs, and ribs), the shoulders, upper chest area, and the upper-mid back.


That’s a lot of energetic real estate.


The heart chakra is associated with love and relationships, as such, we want to foster the qualities of connection, compassion, self-love, self-acceptance, and expansion. The element is air, expect to breathe here.


Balance and harmony are also of key importance as the anahata chakra is the center of the entire system, with three chakras beneath it and three above it. The entire system is reliant upon it as it’s the bridge between the physical realm and mental/spiritual realms. If it’s blocked, we cannot travel the manifestation or liberation currents.


Now when it comes tot manifestation, the practices are identifying what you love about your dream, recognizing and learning how to co-create, creating and realizing beauty, establishing right relationships, creating a dream team, and remembering to breathe.


Justtttttt breathe…….. imagine Faith Hill singing that line to us.


The manifestation principle is Love Enlivens.


Today’s yoga class focuses on co-creating with our breath, making S P A C E in the heart space to welcome our dream, and practicing self-love and self-acceptance as we continue to bring our dream into reality.


Today’s workbook exercise (click here to get the workbook) is a journal prompt that asks you, what do you love about your dream? This question might appear simplistic, but it actually carries great meaning and serves a distinct purpose.


Wondering why? Let’s dive in and learn about our heart chakra and manifestation.



What do you LOVE about your dream?


Love is the ruling property of the heart chakra.


When it comes to manifesting, we have the opportunity to approach our dream with the heart first, and the ego second (the ego lives in the solar plexus). This massively matters as it lays an aligned foundation, helping to create a solid structure for our dream to land and live within.


Let me provide more context.


Typically, and from my personal experience, we approach the creation process through the lens of the ego. We create dreams, we set goals, we do things, and we achieve things to keep the ego happy.


For example, many of us strive to increase our income because we’re conditioned to believe that money equals happiness, and yet we know from countless people who do amass large quantities of money, they still aren’t happy.


Why is this?


Or how about this one, many of us strive to live in a bigger, grander, fancier home, and yet we know that it’s not the size of the home that creates happiness, but rather the amount of living and love that’s infused into the home that matters.


And lastly, this one.


Many of us strive to own a “nicer” car, something newer, a vehicle with all the gadgets, all leather interior, a sought after brand name, and yet once we have the car and are sitting in it every damn day, we no longer find fulfillment in owning it.


Are you beginning to notice a pattern here?


Now let me be clear, some people do all of the above and find great fulfillment in their achievements. This is because their actions aligned with what they love and they continued to create within the dream, fueling their heart chakra energy. And let me also be clear in that there are outlier circumstances where money, a solid home, and a working car are necessary elements of happiness.


Butttttt, many of us fall somewhere in the middle.


We don’t need more money. We don’t need a bigger home. We don’t need a nicer car.


The ego confuses us into believing we do, usually to feel a sense of belonging, but the reality is quite opposite. We achieve “the thing” and still, we aren’t accessing happiness.


This is why the manifestation current is so potent.


Before we even get to the ego, we connect to the heart.


We lay a solid AF foundation, love brick by love brick, which builds a solid structure to support our dream. This way, when we reach the earth plane, there’s no misalignment. We are integrated with our dream. We know why we created it. We experience happiness. We know how to create within it.


I’ll share a personal example in regards to one of my dreams, creating the Body Mind Soul Studio.


When I asked myself this question – what do I love about my dream – this is what my heart told me:


  • The body, mind, soul foundation
  • Boundaries which create fluidity
  • Permission to dive deep
  • Ability to receive, assimilate, and express information and energy
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • The impact, the potential
  • Direction to focus my attention on my intention (body, mind, soul integration)
  • Weaving of the chakras into my work
  • Invitation to keep learning, experiencing, sharing, teaching
  • My body, mind, soul practices directly impact my success and other’s wellbeing


Now it’s your turn. Pull out your workbook. Flip to page 22. And ask yourself…..


What do I love about my dream?


Once complete, I encourage you to return here when your energy misaligns, when obstacles arise, and when you need to choose rest over quitting.


Every Act is an Act of Co-Creation


Literally, everything.


The computer that I’m typing this blog post on was gifted to me as a wedding present from my husband. He generated the means to purchase it through his work, his projects, and his relationships. The existence of the computer itself was a co-creation between man and machine. And once upon a time, Apple computers was a co-creation between Steve Jobs and his consciousness.


See how that works.


Recognizing and respecting this fact is incredibly impactful when it comes to manifestation.


As much as I’d like to think it’s all about me, it’s not. It never was. It never will be.


It’s about us and our relationship to Self, one another, this planet, and the universe.


Remembering this is SO HELPFUL when it comes to manifesting your dream.


Take a moment to contemplate how many acts of co-creation led you to this point, the fourth step in the manifestation journey, the decision to be part of this series, the ability to dedicate yourself to a dream, the opportunity to practice yoga via a digital device, your relationship to me and this community, and how many acts of co-creation it will take to bring your dream to reality.


It’s insane how large of a role co-creation plays, whether we’re dreaming or existing.


So how does this fact help you manifest? Well I’ll tell ya how it helps me, in hopes that it helps you too.


This fact humbles me to my knees.


It reminds me to be grateful for where I am and where I began.


It reminds to be grateful for everyone whose supported and still supports me. 


It reminds me to be patient and trust the process.


It reminds me to do good work, because I never know who or how it will create impact.


It reminds me to practice acceptance, while also believing in the process of creation.


It reminds me to believe in magic.


We’ll dive deeper into co-creation in the chakra manifestation masterclass and the role it plays with our solar plexus. To access the masterclass, click here.



Right Relationships


Once we infuse love into our dream, we can use this love to enliven our relationships and establish the right relationships.


As a budding business owner, I’ve learned a thing or two about right relationships, and let me tell ya, it’s an ongoing process of refinement, communication, and appreciation.


In the beginning, I used to welcome every act of co-creation, believing that all relationships would benefit me.


Nope. That was incorrect.


I believed that trading my time, energy, and visibility was beneficial for a yoga towel, a yoga outfit, a yoga wheel, a yoga trapeze, a yoga mat, a yoga book, a yoga feature, a yoga promotion, and a paycheck.


At the time, I couldn’t comprehend the sacred component of my time, energy, and efforts.


I simply thought, cool, a new yoga product, an extra couple hundred dollars, a picture of me on a large social media account. Woo. I’m making it.


…….and yes, some of these relationships were beneficial.


But ultimately, what transformed my business was a devout dedication to building and uplifting this community through high-quality content, creativity, and constant communication.


Sure you might like my yoga pants, but that’s not why you keep unrolling your mat with me.


You keep showing up because we’ve formed a relationship with one another, a relationship built on connection, mutual respect, and trust.


This same relationship is what we’re seeking in relation to our dream.


We want to find the people who believe in our dream, who will uphold the integrity of our intention, and support us when we fall down and need helping RISING STRONG again (thank you Bréne Brown).


It will take time to find these people. Don’t rush the process.


But do start to expand your awareness. Become a faithful watcher of those who are doing the work. Notice the people who are putting in the effort. Then reach out. Extend a branch. Ask to form a relationship.


Sure, your invitation could get declined. But what if they say yes to your dream?


Let me share a personal example regarding the chakra manifestation workbook.


I was searching for someone special to create this document. A designer who understood what  the fuck a chakra is. A designer who could intuitively interpret my Google Doc into a work of art without needing my guidance.


Many of you know by now, a member of #thejjcommunity created the workbook, but here’s how it all went down.


Kassandra is a member of the BMS Detox community and during our 21 day experience, she posted about her work as a designer, and because I was searching for the right relationship, I was aware enough to notice her post, read it, click through to her profile, validate that she is a designer, and then send her a private message.


She then sent me her portfolio, which led to the co-creation you now have in your hands, and a forever connection between two creators.


While you’re here, let’s examine another right relationship.


A few years ago I received a message from Alyssa (the creator of the Journal Deck). At the time, the deck wasn’t born yet and I creating the first iteration of the BMS Detox program.


I was a little weary of her invitation to chat, but my heart said – SAY YES.


That first conversation lasted well over an hour.


Since then, we’ve had many an hour longer conversation supporting one another through the creation process. We’ve motivated one another to take risks, to take breaks, to change our systems, and mostly – to believe in our potential.


Alyssa gets it. She’s in it with me. She’s a yoga teacher. She’s a retreat leader. She’s a podcast host. She’s a content creator.


Had I not listened to my heart and had that first conversation, I’d be missing out on a right relationship that’s served me and my business.


Now it’s your turn. What right relationships does your dream need?


We’ll dive deeper into our needs during the sacral chakra week, inside the Body Mind Soul Studio, but for now – start identifying these relationships.


Bring them into your consciousness. Become that faithful watcher of others.


And when you’re ready, take a chance, extend a loving branch.


Just Breathe


Remember, the heart chakra element is air, this means our breath provides a direction connection to this energy center, and we have the power to employ different breathing practices to create that which we need in relation to our dream.


  • Need energy and clarity, practice kappalabhati.
  • Need balance and harmony, practice nadi shodhana.
  • Need to cool down, practice shitali.
  • Need to relax your nervous system, practice dhirga.
  • Need to focus, practice ujjayi.
  • Need self-acceptance, do the heart chakra pranayama (found in today’s yoga class).


As you expand your yoga toolbox, you’ll not only know how to do these breathing practices, but also when to employ them.


Above all else, when you and your dream meet an obstacle, remember to just breathe.


And with that said, let’s dive into the heart chakra manifestation plan:



Now please unroll your yoga mat to access your heart chakra center.


I’ll meet you there, xx.


Heart Chakra Yoga Class: Connect to Your Heart’s Desires to Manifest Your Dreams (Step 4 of 8)




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