Good morning beautiful.


Ready to wake up, practice self-love, and have a glorious day? I am and I believe you are too, so settle in, find a comfortable, upright position, and let’s have an incredible morning.


Today’s meditation is an invitation to pause before the business begins. It’s an opportunity to quiet the mental chatter that unleashes upon waking and instead, soften into your heart space, practice self-love, be grateful for your vitality, and let your breath lead the way.


But why the emphasis on self-love? And why should the breath lead the way?


When I started this yoga journey over five years ago, one of the first lessons I stumbled upon was the importance of my breath. It was invited into every yoga studio, yoga class, and yoga posture. It was encouraged by my teachers and fellow yoga neighbors. It guided me through moments of doubt and fear. It stood beside me as I ventured into new experiences. It helped reduce stress and anxiety when the world felt like it was caving in. And it supported me when I finally surrendered (whether in savasana or melting into a crying blob onto the floor).


Each of these breath-centered moments has led to where I am now….. practicing and embodying self-love.


….. practice being the keyword here! 


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Self-love isn’t easy, it’s not required, it’s not genetically passed down, and it’s not taught across many cultures. It’s a practice, a learned skill, and something that you can begin to do right now, this very morning, before you step into the world and into your assumed role.


But, how? How do you begin to peel away layers of hardened thoughts, emotions, and experiences. How do you forgive yourself for years of lost love and negative self-talk?


The answer: you begin with the breath.


You sit down. You devote sacred time to your wellbeing. You soften into your heart space. You welcome the new day. You let the breath lead the way.


Once you’ve got that down, take it one step further.


Move your body. Nourish yourself with healthy fuel. Surround yourself with positive people. Commit to growth and expansion. Repeatedly tell yourself, I LOVE YOU. Tell others, I LOVE YOU. Ask the question before you take action, will this soften my heart and let love in?


It’s a process, aka you’ll never master it, but what else is there to do?


Sit around and spew hateful thoughts. Wait for a magical potion to appear and take away the pain.


We both know that won’t work and it hasn’t worked, so let’s try something new.


Let’s trust in our ability to love and let love in. Let’s remember that at the core of who we are lies a person who desperately wants to receive and give love. Let’s begin each day with gratitude that we can breathe, feel our heart beat, and work on this thing called self-love.


You’re still with me, right? Good.


It’s time to hit that play button, close your eyes, and welcome this glorious day!


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.


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