Welcome to your morning yoga class to wake up and feel like goddess, because let’s be transparent, some mornings feel the exact opposite.


Am I right? 


This class is designed to awaken your feminine nature, so that you can begin your day in a state of flow, and stay connected to your source as the day unfolds. 


And how the hell do we plan to do that?


By accessing the subtle body through breath and movement (aka your yoga practice).


Anytime you step on your mat, you can embody your inner goddess by capitalizing on the union of breath and movement, it’s the secret sauce to your yoga experience. Your breath is the gateway to your subconscious, the deeper layers where your goddess resides. And it’s within these layers, that your personal source of power lives too. 


Have I lost you yet? Quite possibly, so let me take a step back and explain.


I am your quintessential wake up, drink a cup of coffee (or two), open my computer, head straight to my inbox, and that’s that. Once I enter the vortex of work and to-dos, I embody my masculine nature.


Essentially, I become constricted by the pressure to cross shit off my list, which closes the gap on creativity and connection, resulting in work that’s disconnected from my purpose. 


This might happen to you too.


Mentally scan through a typical morning of yours, how does it feel? Rushed? Forced? Scattered? Intense? Like you dive head first into a pool of responsibilities and have no clue where the shallow end is.


If this is you, then this morning yoga class to awaken your feminine nature is the beginning of something beautiful.


The beautiful part being that a simple morning ritual, habit, practice (call it whatever you want), can become the stepping stone for how the rest of your day will unfold. By gifting yourself a private morning moment, you are sending the message that you matter.


This message might seem small, but personally, it’s power is equal to that of a giant loudspeaker.  


When my day begins with reverence for my femininity – movement, meditation, breathing, writing, or self-care – almost nothing can alter or affect my mood. I work just as hard, and yet my work is easier and deeper. I have the same interactions with my husband, and yet my tone is softer and outlook brighter. I have the same inner critic thoughts, and yet my response is more loving and accepting. 


So as you can see, this morning goddess yoga thing has benefits.


It not only increases life force energy, but that energy then continues to spill over into my day-to-day as a wife, entrepreneur, teacher, leader, and woman whose trying to be her best self.


And now, I’m inviting you to experience this same energy spillover too. 


In today’s class, we will tap into pranayama practices like dirgha breath and kappalabhati, gentle movements like pelvic rocks and neck and hip stretches, and end with a powerful twisting, rub the body down action for goddess embodying good measure. 


Finally, we will seal the our morning yoga class in child’s pose, to help ground and connect before the practice ends and the day begins. 


Now I understand that every morning might not include a full-length yoga practice like this one, but even one loving action will help encourage your feminine nature to stay present. If you need some inspiration to begin, below are simple ideas: 


  • Take ten centering breaths, then set an intention for your day
  • Spend a few minutes in your favorite, relaxing yoga pose 
  • Dry brush your body to encourage energy circulation 
  • Get out your journal, write yourself a morning love letter 
  • Go for a morning walk, with your family or alone 


You get the picture girlfriend. 


Start your day with the intention to meet your goddess halfway, and I promise she will begin to show up as your sister and guide.


And now I believe it’s time to start our day, what do ya say?


Unroll your mat babe, my goddess is waiting to meet you there!


Allie, xoxo


Morning Yoga Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

Morning Yoga Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

Morning Yoga Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

Morning Yoga Practice to Awaken Your Feminine Nature



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