Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


Click below to join the family and unlock
my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




Welcome to your pranayama class for powerful breathing to balance the whole body. 


This 20 minute yoga class includes alternate nostril breathing, nadi shodhana pranayama, as well as a guided visualization meditation, scanning the six kosha bodies to create a whole body, mind & soul experience. It is a pranayama practice that helps you slow down, go inside and balance out your energies. As we breathe through the koshas, we’ll use positive affirmations during our meditation to increase the power of our breath and intention. 


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What do you do when you feel burnt out? 


Often the answer here is different types of self care – yoga, bubble bath, a good meal – and while these are all excellent choices, here are some follow up questions…


Does your self care include time to pause, process and integrate? 


What tools do you can use to avoid or lessen burnout? 


Do you really listen to your body and mind when they feel unbalanced? 


Don’t get me wrong, I definitely want you to do all the self care, but I also want you to have tools in your yoga toolkit to process what’s going on in your inner world. Instead of moving from bubble bath right back to the hustle, I want you to integrate self awareness into your everyday life. 


I want you to build a strong body, mind and soul connection that allows you to investigate your thoughts, emotions and the sensations in your body, without judgement.


And of course I want your yoga practice to support you in this. 


Your practice today is a powerful pranayama class designed to bring balance back into the body and mind with the help of alternate nostril breathing, visualization and stillness. This is your class to pause, process and integrate whenever you’re feeling burnout, confused, overwhelmed, tired anything that leaves you feeling less than whole. 


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I also include affirmations in this class, designed to connect you with the six kosha bodies, and I’d love for you to write them down when your practice ends: 


  • I believe in my body
  • I listen to and trust my subtle body 
  • I confidently feel & manage my emotions 
  • I am aware of my thoughts and choose which ones to believe in 
  • I easily content to my intuition and higher wisdom 
  • I am the embodiment of bliss and joy. I am grateful for my life. 


Write them in your journal, put them near your yoga mat when you practice or on your desk while you work, anywhere that allows you to see them as a reminder throughout the day. 


When you finish this powerful pranayama practice, comment on the YouTube video with “I AM BALANCED” to affirm the work you’ve done. 


I’ll see you on the mat, 


Allie, xx



Live Your Journey Retreats

Like a badass vacation, except better. 

Live Your Journey retreats create body-mind-soul transformation by combining incredible venues with a well-designed curriculum, potent yoga practices, nourishing food, adventure, rest and relaxation, and forever made friendships.

We plan every detail. All you gotta do is say yes to a life-changing experience.


Join me in Costa Rica for a journey to manifestation using the chakra system to bring our dreams from consciousness down to the earth plane. When we’re not practicing yoga, we’ll be relaxing at the jungle oasis retreat center or experiencing the country through enriching (and adventurous) excursions! 


Join me on a journey to wholeness in the beautiful, rustic, and beachside region of Sicily, Italy. We’ll spend 7 transformative days learning, mapping, and embodying our unique energy system, while also experiencing the historical sites, beaches, and Italian way!

BALI RETREAT • October 17 - 24

Join me in the spiritual land of Ubud, Bali for 7 transformative days where you’ll be learning and embodying the chakra system through 2x daily yoga classes, while also experiencing the local culture via meaningful off-site excursions! And yes, there will be lots of poolside relaxing too!

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