Oh hello spring, it’s so nice to see you, we’ve been waiting for you.


We’ve been waiting to come out and play, waiting to bask in your glorious sunshine, and waiting to blossom into the powerful beings that we are meant to be.


Oh and hello sweet friend, thank you for landing here, and choosing to celebrate the arrival of spring with me. You’re in the perfect place to honor the changing of seasons (and life), reflect on the months past, and set positive intentions for the month ahead.


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Ready to dive in?


Today we are going to sit down, close our eyes, invite our breath to come alive, and celebrate the Spring Equinox together.


If you’re new to the celebrating the equinox, here’s the must-knows:


The equinox happens twice a year during the spring + fall and it marks the transition of seasons. It’s also symbolizes balance as the sun shines equally down upon the earth, bringing day and light into equanimity.


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Let’s zoom in on the word balance here.


As we awaken from our winter slumber (you, me, and mother nature), we are faced with letting go of the darkness, releasing what feels heavy, and clearing away physical, mental, and emotional debris.


And simultaneously, we are challenged to refocus our efforts and reconnect to what matters: our goals and dreams, health, relationships, and experiences.


This push, pull to let go and lean in is where the challenge of balance exists, a challenge we will work towards today as we celebrate the spring awakening.


Now I realize that all of that sounds magical, and it can be, but I’m a firm believer in being transparent here and sharing what this means to me.


So, here’s the deal.


Like you, I set some badass new years goals.


Goals that support my wellbeing, enrich my knowledge of what to share and how to lead, how to be a better partner, family member, and friend, and how to take better care of me – Allie.


And maybe like you too, I’ve somehow lost the connection to my badass goals (actually, I couldn’t even remember what they were). So, when I think of the spring and celebrating the Spring Equinox, my first thought is to come back to me, come back to my goals and dreams, come back to my wellbeing, and come back to the person I want to be.


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If you too need to come back, then this meditation is what you’ve been waiting for.


Together, we will plant the seeds of our dreams, cleanse our soil to make space for what we need,  and visualize our life in it’s highest potential – just like how the world blossoms into it’s potential during the spring.


Ready to begin?


Find a comfortable seat, take a deep breath, and hit that play button.


I’ll meet you there, xoxo.


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