Welcome to your third eye chakra yoga class that focuses on strengthening your vision and learning how to trust your intuition AND welcome to the second class in the Manifest Your Journey series.


The MYJ series is an eight week experience that aims to bring our dreams from consciousness to reality using the chakra system. It includes a FREE, 22 page, must-have chakra workbook too – click here to get your free manifestation chakra workbook. 


Your third eye chakra, located between your brow space, is connected to your eyes and pineal gland (which develops as a third eye in the embryo). This energy center is associated with imagination, intuition, visualization, vision, attention, and clairvoyance.


In the manifestation current, the guiding principle is Vision Vitalizes.


Once we establish S P A C E, stillness, and sacredness in the crown chakra, our energy is able to descend and take on more shape, form, and density. It’s here that we develop our life purpose through examining past patterns, dreaming our ideal life, choosing a dream to focus on, designing a vision vehicle to carry our dream forward, and finally – visualizing our path to fulfillment and back.


The work we do at this energy level is massively important as it lays the foundation for the entire manifestation journey, so it’s vital that we focus our attention to develop an aligned foundation.


And in this same breath, this work also requires a strong ability to be vulnerable. It takes guts to delve into your past, connect the dots, and give yourself permission to dream. So many people won’t even entertain the idea of dreaming for fear of their dreams not manifesting, they choose to play small and live within their comfort zone.


As you begin (or continue) to travel this energetic current, please extend compassion towards yourself, this is not easy work and it’s not traditional or widely accepted work, but it is life-changing work.


Shall we continue manifesting? Let’s dive in.



To recap, the third eye manifestation practices are:


  • Exploring Life Purpose patterns
  • Identifying a Life Purpose (this might take years to craft, btw.)
  • Dreaming Your Ideal Life
  • Choose a Dream to Manifest
  • Design a Vision Vehicle to carry your dream
  • Visualizing your path to fulfillment and back


I don’t know about you, but prior to reading Creating on Purpose, I was quite confused on how to do all of the above and frankly, what the differences were between them. Isn’t a dream the same thing as my life purpose? Isn’t a vision synonymous with a dream? Is a life purpose also a vision? My intention in the next section is to unpack each third eye chakra practice using the exercises from Creating on Purpose. I’ll  explain the process, and hopefully, leave you with a clear understanding of it’s purpose in relation to manifestation.


Your Life Purpose


A life purpose encapsulates that which we are naturally good at, naturally interested in, and what naturally makes us feel alive. It can be likened to a calling and is usually stated as a short statement, like:


My life purpose is to help people integrate their body, mind, and soul.


Or, my life purpose is to make people laugh.


Or, my life purpose is to bring peace to animals.


Or, my life purpose is to heal people who suffer from trauma.


These statements are simple, succinct, and easily understood. But how does one discover their life purpose and begin to craft their unique statement?


The first step is to track your life purpose. To do this, revisit your childhood and adulthood experiences, then write down the moments where you felt MOST ALIVE, energized, inspired, and fulfilled. As you write down these moments, also reflect upon who you were with, what the environment was, and what you were doing.


Try to write down ten and at the very least, five.


Once your list is complete, connect the dots between your moments and notice if a recurring pattern exists. You can also ask a partner, friend, or co-worker to read your list and help you connect the dots too.


The final step is to declare your life purpose. Using the information from your MOST ALIVE moments, begin to craft life purpose statements. Give yourself permission to brainstorm multiple statements and recognize how they feel as you write them down and say them aloud.


When you find the statement that resonates with your energy, Own it. Go with it. Embody it. Be it. Trust it. Write it down. Keep it present. Share it with others. Cozy up to it. Love it. Create with it.


Now what if you struggle here? It’s all good, remember this work is typically new, so allow yourself the time to explore, experience, and mature.



Dream Your Ideal Life


Your dream is the what and it should align with your life purpose. Here’s how this looks using the above life purpose examples. 


My life purpose is to help people integrate their body, mind, and soul. My dream is to be a guide/teacher who facilitates this integration experience.


My life purpose is to make people laugh. My dream is to be a comedian.


My life purpose is to heal people who suffer from trauma. My dream is to become a therapist or life coach.


Once you’ve explored and possibly declared a life purpose, the next step is to dream your ideal life. This exercise uses our third chakra energy to imagine and visualize how our life could look and feel in the realm of several life categories.


It’s here that we put pen to paper and bring our consciousness into a physical manifestation. Anodea Judith says this one of the most important steps in the manifestation process, so shall we?


To Dream Your Ideal Life, download your free workbook that includes this exercise in it’s entirety. 


Choose Your Dream


As you reach the end of the above exercise, I ask you to choose one dream. Most likely, you have several dreams, but it’s important to focus your attention on the most immediate and important one. The one that’s begging to be made manifest!


This dream will be the focus of your efforts for the remainder of this series and for the rest of the chakra manifestation journey.


When your dream makes it to the earth plane, you can revisit the Dream Your Ideal Life worksheet (inside the free workbook) and choose a new one to manifest. This one dream at a time thing kinda startled me in the beginning, especially as someone who loves to “stay busy” and “multi-task”. I always thought the more action, the better, bring it on! However, I’ve come to appreciate the art of a single-pointed focus, something we employ during our time on the mat in yoga postures. It requires focus, commitment, and a steady gaze to hold a posture like garudasana (eagle pose), so why not apply these same tactics to our manifestation efforts too?


One breath. One posture. One practice. One dream.


Are you with me?



Design a Vision Vehicle


Now that you’ve created the what (your dream), it’s time to visualize the how – this is called your vision vehicle. Let’s reexamine the examples from above.


Example #1:

  • My life purpose is to help people integrate their body, mind, and soul.
  • My dream is to be a guide/teacher who facilitates this integration experience.
  • My vision vehicle is a studio space to share body, mind, soul practices and to uphold my personal body, mind, soul practices.


Example #2:

  • My life purpose is to make people laugh.
  • My dream is to be a comedian.
  • My vision vehicle is a comedy club to perform in and practice making people laugh.


Example #3:

  • My life purpose is to heal people who suffer from trauma.
  • My dream is to become a therapist or life coach.
  • My vision vehicle is a masters program to obtain my license.


The vehicle is how you make the dream happen! It’s what carries your dream from the nonphysical realm to the physical earth plane.


To design you vision vehicle, call upon your imagination (third eye chakra quality) and begin to brainstorm ways to create your dream. Start by writing down ridiculous, out of this world, over the top vision vehicles. Then transition to more practical, realistic vision vehicles. Once your list is complete (shoot for 10), choose the one that FEELS RIGHT!


Below are examples of my vision vehicle brainstorm to ignite your imagination:


Fantasy, Fantastic Vehicles:


  • I create a physical – brick and mortar – studio space and expand into multiple areas that uphold the integration intention.
  • I go VIRAL on the internet, get picked up on all the major news stations and publications, growing my community with new people and curiosity, which will create capital for things I never thought possible.
  • All of the teachers I turn to for wisdom decide to become my mentors and personal yoga teachers. They guide me in creating a space to share my body, mind, soul dream.
  • I become a physical therapist, somatic therapist, and train extensively under Anodea Judith to become the ultimate master/guru/teacher.


Practical, Realistic Vehicles:


  • I commit to my own body, mind, soul practices.
  • I create an online space to share impactful body, mind, soul lessons.
  • I continue to train within my fields of interest, helping to create impactful content, which will lead to integration for myself and others.
  • I film in beautiful locations around the world to create yoga content which will inspire people to get on the mat with me. 
  • I hire people to support me and do the work that they’re best at, so I can do the work I’m best at.
  • I heal my pain so I can create without pain, helping others to heal their pain during the process.


After all of the above brainstorming, I chose the top two (under practical) to be my vehicles. They felt right. They felt homey. They felt challenging. They felt inspiring.


Your turn. Go brainstorm. Find your vehicle!


Visual Your Path to Fulfillment


Last step baby, then it’s time to unroll our mats and feel all these words through our third eye chakra yoga practice. Now that we’ve laid a serious manifestation foundation, we can begin to visualize our path to fulfillment. To do this, simply close your eyes and use your inner vision to see every step happening.


Take as much time as you need to internally witness this journey.


This step can be done lying in bed, sitting in meditation, during your yoga practice, while walking outdoors, or whenever you have a moment of stillness and silence.


Anodea recommends doing it often as it strengthens our connection to that which we want to create and hey, it’s free! So sit down friend and visualize who and what you want to be.


Okay, our sixth chakra manifestation lesson is complete, which brings me to today’s yoga class and final reminders.


Below are your third eye chakra recommendations:


  • Have your NEW BELIEF from the crown chakra practice present
  • Do the Trust Your Intuition third eye chakra yoga practice (video above)
  • Do the Dream Your Ideal Life exercise in your workbook
  • Share your DREAM inside the MYJ Pop Up Facebook Group!
  • Commit to visualizing the fulfillment of your dream
  • Purchase the book Creating on Purpose (this is an affiliate link) to deepen your manifestation journey


Now come join me to integrate everything we touched on here through the combination of yoga postures, breath work, and attention.


Unroll your mat. I’ll meet you there, xx.


p.s. – Manifest Your Journey is an EIGHT week series! The first four weeks (1/2 the chakra system) are being shared on YouTube (woooooo)! The second four weeks, plus a second workbook and a chakra manifestation masterclass are being shared inside my brand new Body Mind Soul Studio.

The studio opens February 1st, click here to read what it’s all about!


Third Eye Chakra Yoga Class: Strengthen Your Vision & Trust Your Intuition to Manifest Your Dreams (Step 2 of 8)

Third Eye Chakra Yoga Class: Strengthen Your Vision & Trust Your Intuition to Manifest Your Dreams (Step 2 of 8)



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