Welcome to the Journey

Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate and personal home yoga teacher.

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Welcome to the Journey



Hi, I’m Allie. Your body-mind-soul advocate
and personal home yoga teacher.


Click below to join the family and unlock
my free morning yoga class pack –
a week of short yoga videos to start
your day with purpose. 




Welcome to your Water Element Yoga Class for Fluidity and Flexibility!


Your yoga class today embraces the sacral chakra elements of going with the flow and embracing fluidity on and off the yoga mat. This vinyasa yoga class includes hip opening postures, dynamic stretching and strength building exercises and will leave your whole body feeling stronger (and softer like water)! 


Throughout the yoga class you’ll work through postures like hanging cobra, rolling plank to upward dog, warrior II with goddess pumps, skandasana, sacral squats, and seal the practice with a pranayama. 


Join me on the mat and together we’ll tap into our sacral chakra by embracing play and pleasure as we connect with our bodies and learn to listen to our needs!


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Here’s my question for you today… do you struggle with going with the flow (hah, who doesn’t)? 


We’re a species of doing – a masculine energy – and our daily lives require quite a bit of it. 


From doing loads of laundry, cleaning your home, grocery shopping, tending to your family, to stepping on your yoga mat daily…. we spend a lot of time in this doing energy, which makes it difficult to let go and just be (aka rest and receive).


Because of this, we need to intentionally incorporate ways of feeling and being. 


This is where the sacral chakra, svadhisthana, enters the conversation.


Let’s chat about this chakra ➡️ the activity here is feeling, the element is water, and it’s a predominantly yin, feminine energy center. It’s connected to fluidity, movement, change, receptivity, creativity and sexuality.


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Because of this energetic makeup, the sacral chakra is an adaptable, fun, playful, and pleasurable place to keep riding the river of your energy (versus attempting to jump ship or paddle upstream).


This chakra encourages us to mimic water — to be fluid, flexible and go with the flow. 


So ask yourself….. Where can you let go? Where can you let fun in? Where can you just be and receive?


This element is a reminder to do what water would do; ebb and flow, remain malleable, adaptable, shapeable, and fluid and flexible, so you can bend versus break when change and challenge occur.


Today’s yoga class is your opportunity to do all of this, to embrace the fluidity of femininity, and allow pleasure and play to be part of  your journey. 


And what about having fun off the mat, can we talk about that? 


For some this could be a spa day, video chats with friends, painting, or taking a bubble bath. For others this could be long walks, camping outdoors, or a family dance party. There are so many variations of what pleasure, play and fun can be, and you get to choose which variation is right for you (but do choose, please).


Comment on the YouTube video with THIS IS MY RIGHT TO FEEL to let me know you’re in this with me.


I’ll meet ya on the mat, 


Allie, xx



Live Your Journey Retreats

Like a badass vacation, except better. 

Live Your Journey retreats create body-mind-soul transformation by combining incredible venues with a well-designed curriculum, potent yoga practices, nourishing food, adventure, rest and relaxation, and forever made friendships.

We plan every detail. All you gotta do is say yes to a life-changing experience.


Join me in Costa Rica for a journey to manifestation using the chakra system to bring our dreams from consciousness down to the earth plane. When we’re not practicing yoga, we’ll be relaxing at the jungle oasis retreat center or experiencing the country through enriching (and adventurous) excursions! 


Join me on a journey to wholeness in the beautiful, rustic, and beachside region of Sicily, Italy. We’ll spend 7 transformative days learning, mapping, and embodying our unique energy system, while also experiencing the historical sites, beaches, and Italian way!

BALI RETREAT • October 17 - 24

Join me in the spiritual land of Ubud, Bali for 7 transformative days where you’ll be learning and embodying the chakra system through 2x daily yoga classes, while also experiencing the local culture via meaningful off-site excursions! And yes, there will be lots of poolside relaxing too!

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