Welcome to your yin yoga class, using a wall, for total support and relaxation.


Let’s start with the obvious, you will need a wall for today’s yoga practice, so if you need to reconfigure your yoga space – please start to do so. 


I also recommend gathering up the below yoga props. They are all optional (not the wall), but their presence will greatly increase your ability to relaxxxx and enjoy today’s yoga sequence. 


Okay, your yoga space is now situated, so let’s discuss the why behind your yin yoga class (at the wall). 


First, the sequence is recycled inspiration from a class I took here in the Caribbean. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, left the class feeling renewed and refreshed, and just knew that I had to pass it onto our community.


For my yoga teacher friends out there, don’t you love when this happens! 


Second, I’m a huge proponent of using props, whether it’s for a vigorous vinyasa or restorative practice doesn’t matter, they are always welcome here. 


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Third, I’ve always loved wall work. My first experience with the wall was in yoga teacher training, we used it for everythinngggggg. Finding our center and creating balance in half moon pose. Practicing pigeon pose. Learning the proper alignment for inversions. Meditation. And to restore the body, with poses like legs up the wall (which we will do today).


So when the opportunity or shall I say the inspiration came to combine a class with the wall, it was a HELL YES. And trust me, you’ll understand why once you settle into savasana with me at the end. 


Below is the outline of today’s yin yoga sequence. Feel free to pull apart the sequence and use these postures individually throughout your day or within your other daily practices. And if you’re a yoga teacher, please take what you love and pass it onto your students. 


  • sukasana at the wall – center and breathe
  • neck stretches, take a longggg pause here 
  • side body stretch with one hand on the block, one hand overhead (keep your back and lifted arm connected to the wall, lean into it)
  • diamond pose with a block on the feet, relax your forehead down
  • frog pose with your feet pressing into the wall and your chest resting on a bolster 
  • sphinx pose with knees, shins, and feet pressing into the wall (see image below)
  • windshield wipers with legs against the wall 
  • legs up the wall – baddha konasana variation
  • legs up the wall – upavista konasana variation 
  • legs up the wall for savasana 


Yin Yoga Class at the Wall for Total Support and Full Relaxation


One important side note. 


There is one posture that was missed during this sequence and I absolutely recommend it. After windshield wipers, push into a tabletop top position, then curl your feet under for downward facing dog with your heels pushing into the wall. This is an incredible downward facing dog variation that feels supported, strong, and comfortable. Hold here for a minute or maybe longer, then roll up into tadasana (against the wall) to reconnect. From here, make your way into the legs up the wall sequence. 


As with all yin or restorative yoga practices, I urge you to create an environment that feels welcoming, relaxing, and inviting to disconnect so you can reconnect. You can very easily change the ambiance without doing much, here’s how. 


  • wear comfortable clothing that lets you breathe easy 
  • play music that soothes your soul
  • dim down the lights, flicker on a candle or two
  • diffuse essential oils or light an incense (love doing this)
  • remove distractions, this is your time to feel good 


You’ll notice in today’s yoga class, I traded my typical tight leggings outfit for comfortable, breathable, and still stylish pants. These pants have been in my wardrobe for yearsss now and I confess, I own them in multiple prints and patterns (that’s how awesome they are). If you’re searching for a pair of pants that instantly help you relax, then come match me, let’s wear Buddha Pants together. 


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Okay, ready to cozy up to the wall together? 


I most certainly am. I’ll meet you there, xoxo.

Yin Yoga Class at the Wall for Total Support and Full Relaxation - Pin Now, Practice Yin yoga Now!



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