Welcome to your yoga class to practice split pose, aka hanumanasana. I imagine you landed here under these pretenses: you are searching for that ballerina like split image, you are wanting a class that stretches your hamstrings, or you were simply curious about what this class could bring.


And guess what, it doesn’t matter what brought you here, only that you have arrived because today’s yoga class is not only a lesson in how to do splits pose, but also a life lesson in seeking + creating balance.


Let’s dive in.


As a former ballerina, gymnast, and cheerleader, I was under the assumption that the splits only required hamstring flexibility and that if I just kept stretching them, I would get there. Well guess what, I never really got there, even with a jam packed resume.


And sure, this never getting there led pangs of jealousy, falling into the comparison hole, and pushing my body past it’s edge to just get my damn pelvis down to the ground in splits, but where did that get me…..


Oh wait, no where.


So I want to start this split conversation with a disclaimer, are you listening?


Your worth is not dependent upon how well you can execute a yoga posture, ever.


Whether your crotch rests on the floor or whether it’s three feet off the floor it doesn’t matter, it’s what you learn from the posture that matters. And today, like I said above, we’re learning what the word balance means, physically in your body, and mentally and emotionally in your day-to-day life.


Let’s begin with the physical.


Your split posture is dependent on two things: the suppleness of your back leg and the openness of your front leg. Often times, we become obsessed with what the front leg is doing and we forget about what the back leg needs.


So for today’s practice, we’re not leaving the back leg behind, just like we’re striving to not leave pieces of ourselves behind as we move through this thing called life.


When you step on your mat today, we’ll start with a short moment of silence to welcome the present moment. Then, we’ll work through a series of movements to awaken our hamstrings, hip flexors, and quads (the key areas for split pose). From here, we will move through a standing flow that focuses on both our legs. And finally, we’ll get down to the ground and shimmy our way into split pose.


Sounds good, yeah?


And one more thing, before you unroll your mat and hit that play button.


The duality that we experience in today’s posture is a wonderful opportunity to look at your life. Here are a few questions to consider as you move through today’s sequence and step off your mat and into your life.


  • What does the word balance mean to you
  • What are your extremes in life, the things that pull you away from your center
  • What helps you come back home, return to your midline


Okay, now we’re ready to begin this beautiful and balanced practice.


I’ll meet you on your mat!


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