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New beginnings.


This is the theme of today’s yoga practice as we’re embarking on a brand new year, but it’s also the theme of every single day we experience. Our eyes open, our feet hit the ground, and a new beginning lies ahead.


But why do we miss this new opportunity so easily? Why do we gloss over the marvel that we’re alive for one more day? Why do we so easily discard that our hearts are still beating?


I’m asking this question more for myself, but I’m sure you can relate.


Here I am, having fulfilled so many large goals and life dreams, and yet…. I awake and quickly forget how incredible it is to even be here.


So while the new year is upon us and many new beginnings are unfolding (each in their own way), I want to use this space to honor the daily beginnings that lead to larger change.


Change like connecting with the core of who you are. Change like being more intimate with your partner and accepting love and pleasure. Change like sitting your ass down to meditate and doing it over and over. Change like eating to fuel and nourish your body, not treat it like a garbage can. Change like learning, evolving, and growing. Change like focusing on your goals and intentions, and actually following through on them. Change like writing it down, connecting the dots, and flushing it out (aka journaling). Change like accepting others for who they are and not trying to change them. Change like loving yourself….




Are you up for that kind of change?


I have a feeling you are…. otherwise you wouldn’t be here, part of this community, and practicing alongside me.


Here’s what I propose.


After you finish this yoga practice for new beginnings, pause, take a moment, and reflect. What change do you need today? Today is the central word here….


Don’t think about tomorrow, a week from now, or a month from now.


What do you need right now?


As I type this, I need meditation, a journal sesh, a moment to really read, and a dip in the sea.


Now it’s your turn. Tune in. Listen to that inner voice, the voice that comes from your core. What do you need? What do you need? What do you need?


Write it down. Say it loud. Begin. Right now.


This year, 2018, is all about just starting for me. No more waiting around. No more excuses. No more procrastination. No more. No more. No more.


I realize now, having left the comfort of everything…. like endless hot water, a constantly cold refrigerator, well-stocked grocery stores, fast as hell internet, a vehicle, a working cell phone…… that it’s time to just start.


I had all of the resources to create whatever I could dream up and yet, I didn’t. I wasted time. I scrolled on my phone. I scrolled some more. I jumped from one thing to the next.


I didn’t go for it when I had the chance, the space, the means, and the time.


So like I said before, no more.


Let’s awaken together, be grateful that our feet touched the ground today, and start living our journey this year (in 2018).


To get started, meet me on your mat, invite your mind into your body, and start this new beginning feeling clear, focused, and connected.


I’ll meet you there, xoxo


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